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The art of selling using explainer videos


In recent times, sales videos have transformed from the old dreary boring fare to more modern and excitin avatar.


Called explainer videos, these short 2 minute animated videos mostly using cartoon characters or infographics have taken the market by storm


Every start up company, mom and pop business wants one. This trend started by an obscure video production studio called Grumo media has now snowballed into an entire industry whose sole purpise is to create such animated sales videos.

What was earlier being termed as corporate video production now once called explainer videos ends up getting a whopping $5000 a minute price tag.


Is the price justified? Well from a marketers perspective, im not really sure.


But considering the time and the effort that goes into the creation of such videos, the price may be fair

I finally ended up using a company called, Video Jane which built us our  explainer video for a real cheap rate.